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Márcia Dadamos



Márcia Dadamos, is the Director of MD PR & Communications, a fully integrated public relations agency, specializing in brand awareness in luxury, architecture, design, fashion, bridal, health care, culinary and celebrity sectors.

Márcia began her career as a journalist writing about lifestyle topics. She later  began working in television, where she worked for 18 years as a TV director for some of Brazil’s most popular television stations, such as Globo, Record, SBT and Bandeirantes. After her departure from broadcast, Márcia founded MD PR &

Communications with business partner Grace Cozman. The agency boasts an extensive portfolio of high-profile clients that include WTC, D&D shopping, Breton, Badebec, Colormix Revestimentos, Maison Baccarat, Dinner in the Sky Brazil, Casar, and Craft Design, to name a few.

MD PR & Communication has a team of seasoned professionals that have excellent relationships with the media and that are results driven. As a result, the agency has experienced outstanding results.