"A network of leading public relations agencies cultivating brands across cultures."

Grifco was founded by Claire Griffin on 1st May 2002. It is a creative, boutique, PR company which nurtures the needs of its travel, spa, luxury lifestyle, design and beauty clients.

The Grifco PR press office teams work very closely with clients, tailoring each campaign, to the point that they often start to see us as an “in-house” resource rather than agency. A personal, trusting working relationship is forged to maximise opportunities and to ensure that the best communication channels between client and PR is achieved. GRIFCO PR is an expert in digital PR campaigns working with influencers and media a-like.The company has a well educated, friendly team who pride themselves in obtaining the best possible results for clients. Grifco PR has its own specialist database with many thousands of personal media contacts. There are 25 full time staff at the central London based office.